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8 Weeks to Wellness


We are very proud to be the first clinic in Central Iowa to offer the 8 Weeks to Wellness to our patients and community. 

At the current time, we are accepting new participants who are looking to improve their lifestyle. THIS IS NOT A DIET! By following the program, we are hoping to help you change your life for ever!  By getting regular chiropractic adjustments to help your nervous system work at peak levels, working with on-site personal trainers to maximize your fitness goals and nutrition, and taking much-needed time for relaxation with regular massages, we KNOW you will be thrilled with your results.

8 Weeks to Wellness is so much more than just a diet or working out. We hope you take them time to read more about it at www.8ww.com  and keep watching for amazing success stories right here in Des Moines!!

Katie, our office manager, is blogged about her 8WW experience. Check out her blog here!

Here's a great blog to follow, too. Dr. Denise, a founder of 8WW, created this blog.

Did you see 8 Weeks to Wellness on WHO TV 13? Check out this great news segment here

Dr. Wes's Success Story:

Dr. Wes started his weight loss/wellness lifestyle change last October. He started with a "cleanse", followed by personal training from Waukee Wellness's personal trainer, and followed that with the 8 Weeks to Wellness Program.

In 2010, Dr. Wes weighed 210 pounds, had a waist of 40.5", a pants size of 38", and couldn't run five blocks!


Dr. Wes now wears size 33" pants (same waist size), weighs 170 pounds, and can run a Half Marathon!!


Watch for our ad in local magazines!


**Please Note: All patients who take use of our exercise facility and activities will be under the direct supervision of Dr. Wes Nyberg or his trained/certified staff members. At no time will anyone be using our facility without direct supervision. We are not a "membership" gym. If you would like us to recommend fitness centers or activities for you to take part of for your personal use, we would be happy to do so.