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What Can Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic Do For You?

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Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic in Waukee, IA

We provide Chiropractic Care for the whole family, Mental Health Therapy, Massage Therapy, Fitness and Nutrition Plans.
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Chiropractic Care

Our team of Chiropractic Physicians specializes in the newest innovations and treatment methods to help correct or manage painful nerve, muscle, and joint conditions.

Massage Therapy

We provide Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, neuromuscular, and assisted stretching massage therapy.

Spinal Decompression at Quest Chiropractic Wilmington DE

Nutritional Counseling

Your nutrition expert will weigh you and discuss how diet and nutrition affects your energy, mood, weight and overall health.

Mental Health Therapy

We focus on identifying, treating, and resolving barriers and symptoms that interfere with a person’s ability to reach full mental and physical potential.

Quest Chiropractic Wilmington DE

Experienced Chiropractic Physicians and Staff

Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic offers a wide range of services to help you feel better and achieve great health goals.

Holistic Approach

If you live in Waukee or the surrounding greater Des Moines area, you will find that our approach to chiropractic care and health is a holistic approach that provides you with the care you need to live a healthy, pain free life.

Great Health

Great health is not just achieved by eating healthy or exercising alone. At Waukee Wellness we take a comprehensive approach to health. We provide services from chiropractic care, massage therapy to nutrition guidance – all the tools you need for a healthy, vibrant life.

What Our Patients Say About Us.

Great Chiropractor in Waukee, Iowa

Great Chiropractor in Waukee, Iowa
The doctors from Waukee Wellness and Chiropractic have been serving the Waukee and surrounding areas since 2008. They take a “patient centered” focus for their care. The Chiropractors at Waukee Wellness will first listen to all your health issues during the consultation. This is followed by a comprehensive exam that will include basic vitals, a functional mobility screening, neuromusculoskeletal checks, spinal alignment and xrays (if needed.). After the consultation the doctors will give recommendations on two factors; what did you want and what you need.

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