Patient Testimonials for Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic in Waukee, IA

Find out what patients have to say about Dr. Wes Nyberg

Waukee Wellness & Dr. Wes were voted “Waukee’s Best Chiropractor” in the Contest! Read what our patients said about their chiropractic health care experiences:

“Dr Wes listens. I’ve been to other chiropractors before & left with headaches. Not now. Plan designed around my body’s needs and adjustments tailored for me. Not a one size fits all.”

-Jana Linthicum

“Dr. Wes is amazing! I was referred by a friend when I had terrible jaw pain. I never would have thought of going to a chiropractor for that issue. The consultation was incredibly thorough and he took all the time needed for me to understand the why, the recommended treatment plan and the results I should expect. My pain is gone, I’m sleeping better and had no idea how tense the rest of my body was. The staff is really friendly. 5 stars for sure! “


“Waukee Wellness is a fantastic business. Dr. Wes is not only a great chiropractor, but also teacher. I have had 5 different Chiropractors, and Dr. Wes is the only one who provided a detailed presentation on his exam findings, and took the time to sit and explain everything step by step. If you want to not only feel better, but be better, see Dr. Wes.”

-Kyle Corbin

“After years of headaches, including headaches that would last a whole weekend, I finally decided to find a chiropractor. Dr. Wes took x-rays, explained my issues in terms I could understand, and created a treatment plan for me. Only a few weeks in and I am feeling the best I have in years! I highly recommend Dr. Wes and Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic!”  

“You won’t meet anyone who is more passionate about total wellness than Dr. Wes at Waukee Wellness. Everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming and they really get to know every patient so they can make the best recommendations for an individual’s situation. It’s great to see patients of every different age and background in the office, and Dr. Wes always has a smile for everyone!”
– Meg

“Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic has created a wonderful environment in which to promote health and wellness. Dr. Wes Nyberg is passionate about chiropractic care and determined to help his patients lead healthier lives. I make a special trip out to see Dr. Wes and get adjusted every time I am back in the DM Metro.”
– Cori Williamson

“It’s really easy to find a “doctor” but to find someone like Dr. Wes who really cares about each and every one of his patients as if they were family is hard to come by. He really is the best!”
-Kimberly Gaylord

“Dr. Wes at Waukee Wellness is one of the best that I have ever been to. I had somehow hurt my neck while sleeping and at 4 a.m. on a Saturday morning I sent him an email via his web site and within a few hours he was calling me and telling me that he would meet me at his office. He had to drive in from Ankeny with his children just to help me. Grateful does not even start to explain how that made me feel. Thank you Dr. Wes and your staff for caring so much about us.”
– Karen Nixt

“Words can’t even begin to describe how wonderful Dr. Wes and his staff are. I have a special needs son who has total left side paralysis. My son requires daily intensive speech and physical therapy, now and for the remainder of his life.

“We were told by several doctors and physical therapist that my son would never walk or talk, and that he would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

“Dr. Wes has played an instrumental part of my son’s recovery, and proving the doctors wrong. When my son starting seeing Dr. Wes he had scoliosis and his hips were severally displaced. We have been seeing Dr. Wes for a couple of years, and my son no longer has scoliosis and his hips are perfectly aligned.

“The previous doctors also predicted that my son would need to have back and leg surgery by the age of 7. My son is 10 years old now, and he has avoided several surgeries because of the remarkable work of Dr. Wes and his staff.

“Dr. Wes has given my son his freedom back….the freedom to use his legs to walk…instead of being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

“We love Dr. Wes and we will continue to see him for our lifetime.”
– Stacie D.

I walked into Waukee Wellness with a slight kink in my neck…I say “slight” sarcastically. I actually could not swim (my favorite), sleep, or even eat without pain radiating from my neck, down my right arm, and entire back. I had called Dr. Wes at 5am, knowing the office was not open yet but hoping someone would call me as soon as possible. Dr. Wes and Dr. Jason did a complete assessment of my pain and overall well-being. I felt I was in the right place. Dr. Wes walked me through the steps needed to get me back to a pain-free life. With adjustments and stretching exercises, I now have full mobility in my neck, arm, and back again. I am able to swim, sleep, and eat pain-free. Waukee Wellness staff are friendly, accomodating, and helpful, including Cassie, who greets you at the receptionist desk every morning with a smile. With teh positive surroundings and energetic staff, it was clear to me Waukee Wellness focuses on the complete wellness of a person, not the quick fix. I appreciate the care I received and recommend them completely and confidently. Thank you Dr. Wes and Waukee Wellness staff for getting me swimming again. –Jessica M.

I started chiropractic treatment five years ago when Dr. Wes opened his clinic. He has been adjusting my hips and back which has helped me maintain my daily exercise schedule. I have not been sick during this period with anything other than a mild cold. These adjustments have been very helpful. –Karen 5/1/13

My name is Donna. Six weeks ago, I was looking online for a new chiropractor, when I came across the Waukee Wellness website. I saw that one of Dr. Wes’s specialties was treatment for Fibromyalgia, which I have been struggling with for years. I also have osteoarthritis in my neck/upper back, chronic lumbar issues from a work injury, chronic digestive problems, insomnia, and an 80 pound weight gain that I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. I was in constant pain. At 41, I felt 61, and was feeling more and more lost as time went on.

I left a message at the office early that morning, and Dr. Wes called me back himself. He made me an appointment for that same day, which took about two hours. They put me through a wide range of tests and wanted to know everything that was giving me trouble. He wanted to know about ALL of my problems, which I was not expecting. At the end of this visit, I had to hold back tears when Dr. Wes told that everything that was wrong with me was related, and we were going to fix it. I left that day with a hope I had not had in years.

The next morning, I went back, and Dr. Wes had an entire plan laid out for me. This included adjustments, massage, and a recommendation to try the Paleo way of eating to remove food from my diet that could have been triggering my fibromyalgia and digestive issues.

I am now following the Paleo diet pretty closely, except that I do eat small amounts of dairy. The first thing I noticed withing the first week was that I was no longer hungry–ever. All of my food cravings were completely gone. The few times since then that I have gotten a hold of something with wheat in it, my digestive problems returned within minutes, and the fibromyalgia flares up within a few hours and lasts for days. Sugar makes me feel “yucky” afterward, but wheat absolutely ruins me, so I avoid it completely and continue to improve.

In just six weeks, I am sleeping better than I have in years (without sleep aids), am completely free of medications, my fibromyalgia symptoms have decreased about 90%, I am starting to get active again, and my back pain has decreased by about 80%. My formerly constant headaches are almost non-existent. I am steadily losing 2-3 pounds per week effortlessly. I can look over my shoulder when I drive without twisting my entire body around in my seat. I can do household chores and projects without pain. I enjoy washing my Jeep by hand instead of having to drive through the car wash.  My head is clear and the “fog” is gone that I didn’t even realize I had until it went away. My energy level is through the roof! And this is years of multiple doctors, a LOT of pain killers, muscles relaxers, and a prescription for anti-depressants which I luckily never decided to fill.

Dr. Wes doesn’t just adjust spines. He has given me the tools that I needed to change my life, and continues to coach me through the process. Every week, I see and feel improvement, and every part of my life is affected for the better. And this has only been six weeks. I can’t wait to see where I am in six months!

–Donna F. 4/25/13

I had been going my whole life and I moved here from Colorado and needed to continue wellness care. I come once a month for joint pain and to be able to exercise pain free. I am very pleased with Dr. Wes’ care.

–Arlin 3-21-12

I started coming to see Dr. Wes 4 years ago for back pain and sciatic nerve, shoulder, & neck stiffness because my sister had been a patient. Since then my whole family has come along with some friends to get care. I now feel great and come once every 3 weeks. Recently I started using Emily to lose weight and gain muscle. Since starting with Emily I feel much better and would recommend other to try it out.

–Evelyn J. 3-21-12

My daughter had 9 ear infections in her first year of life. A friend had suggested chiropractic care as it had helped her daughter. We live in a different area than that friend so we had to find our own doctor. I chose Waukee Wellness as it was close to home and after spending time with Dr. I knew I found the right chiropractor. Allison went 4 months without an ear infection, so we saw immediate improvement. We also get Wellness advice when issues arise so I feel like Dr. Wes treat the whole person and not just he spine. Allison’s next year of life only saw 2 ear infections (around the same time as her mom’s allergy issues, too. 🙂 ) She probably inherited my allergy issues.

–Anne D. & Allison (age 2)

I saw Dr. Wes at a wellness fair and wanted to see a chiropractor for my dizziness and neck pain. I started 4 years ago and now my whole family comes. I now come about once a month and dno’t struggle with the dizziness. I recently started working out with my sister under Emily’s supervision to motivate me work out more. Although I’ve been sore, Emily has helped increase my flexibility. I would recommend more people see Dr. Wes and Emily.

–Sharon 3-21-12

I thought I was doing well on my own for working out until I pushed one of my workouts too hard and injured myself. I started off needing assistance for a pinched nerve and muscle spasms. I was in plain just moving around seated and driving to work. After a complete review and about 2 months of therapy and no surgery, everything was feeling much, much better. As I was being treated I was asking questions about fitness and 8 Weeks to Wellness. I attended one of the free meetings. I knew Emily had been taking classes to become a personal trainer. Dr. Wes was able to put together a package and a budget to meet my needs. It included workouts, adjustments, massage, and nutrition. There were still some questions, but I had just made the decision to commit.

I started off with Emily showing some great weight loss results with the program and mainted the entire time, while learning new techniques for weightlifting and form. She also worked closely with Katie on my nutrition questions. Adjustments from Dr. Wes for a little realignemnt from the motions my body was not used to. I always look forward to the massage from Kendra, as she was able to make me feel rejuevenated for what ever I had to next. I really appreciated the smiles from Cassie at the front desk before each of the them. I continue to meet with Emily even after the 8 Weeks to Wellness program and look forward to continued improvements and success. This is not just a fad unless that is what you want to make it. I had to make a life change and if that is what you want then this can be the program for you. Only you can make the decision, but the staff listed above will do what they can to assist you in meeting your goals.

I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the services that they have been able to provide me. They are always open to listening and adapting to provide the best service they can to you.

–Mike 3-27-12

Our family started to see Dr. Wes because he showed us how much better we feel when we are taking care of our bodies. He has made a huge difference in the way we not only physically feel, but mentally as well. Our family now works on staying healthy! When you feel better and are eating healthy everything in life is better. We love Dr. Wes!!

–Ashlee 1-30-12

I have had lower back problems and also neck problems. Waukee Wellness has helped me tremendously. Keep my back in line has been a problem because I am an Iron Worker and lifting heavy objects all the time and they have been able to keep it in line. The adjustments are quick and they listen to you.

–Steven 1-20-12

Over the past year and a half I have been struggling with stomach and back pain. Multiple visits to different doctors provided no relief. They could provide no answers and would just prescribe prescriptions which only masked the pain for a short time,

Late last fall I began to experience extreme pain in my left hip. My friend recommended Dr. Wes knowing that I was discouraged with the doctors I had been seeing. I was a little hesitant at first. Growing up, my family had always been skeptical over chiropractors. I have never regretted my decision only that I hadn’t gone sooner!

Dr. Wes was very thorough in the initial exam and provided answers to why I was in pain. I noticed improvement within the first couple of adjustments.

Now a couple of weeks later, I am virtually pain free!

I would highly recommend Dr. Wes and Waukee Wellness!

–Melissa R. 1-18-11

I came to see Dr. Wes due to veritgo and neck pain. After my adjustments, my vertigo is under control and my neck feels much better.

–Michelle 12-6-11

On Sept. 8, 2011 my whole world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with pituitary adendoma (tumor). It was successfully removed but left with some nerve damage that impacted my right. I was unable to open my eye & when forced to open I had double vision. The medical doctors told me it would be at least 3 to 6 months to see if it would heal on its own. My family members were patients of Dr. Nyberg’s and told him of my situation. He was sure that could help the healing process. I started seeing Dr. Nyberg and after the first adjustment saw results. I was able to start opening my eye some. After 2 months of treatment I am able to open my eye and no longer have any issues with my vision. As a person who previously did not think they needed chiropractic care, I am now a believer. Thank you Dr. Nyberg for your conviction & all you have done for me and my family.

–Allison 12-6-11

Since coming to Dr. Wes, he has helped the pain in my back tremendously. But the greatest plus is I no longer have stress headaches. That is a great relief.

–Pearl 12-6-11

As I reflect on what Dr. Wes has done for me and my family, I have to laugh at my favorite comment one of my close friends always said to me after I mention having gone to the chiropractor, “Does your back hurt?” Does my back hurt – no, my back doesn’t hurt – I go to maintain my overall health. It amazes me how many people still connect the word chiropractic with the word back. Dr. Wes has done MUCH more for me than fix my back (that, again, was never the problem).

First of all, I have suffered from mild vertigo for the last 10 years. I went to doctors, physical therapists, etc with no luck for any sort of treatment. Then, I told Dr. Wes. After a few different types of neck adjustments, my vertigo “spells” diminished greatly. It hasn’t gone away, but as long as I visit Dr. Wes regularly, I can go up to two weeks without having any problems. This is much more than any doctor could ever have promised for me.

Second, Dr. Wes has been there for my family. I think now is an appropriate time to mention that Dr. Wes is family. We have married into the same family, so we are family because we have to be (and I’m very happy because of it J). Fortunately, for my daughter, he is family, because she was able to get her first adjustment at just about eight hours of age. I can’t imagine how it felt for her, but can only think it had to do wonders for her little cramped up self. She has been healthy and happy and regularly adjusted since.

So, if you still think you should only go to the chiropractor for your back, you MUST think again. Talk to Dr. Wes about anything and everything you might have concerns about – he will try his hardest to make it better!

–Cassidy  12-1-11

I came in with chronic headaches at least 2-3 days per week. After just a few adjustments and 2 massages, I have now went a few weeks with no headaches. The headaches were bad enough they would keep me awake at night. With Dr. Wes’s help as well as his staff, I am able to sleep, begin to work out again, and NOT take any medication for my headaches. Thank you.

–Karla  11-28-11

I came to Waukee Wellness with jaw pain after reading an article from Dr. Wes in a Waukee magazine. Dr. Wes was able to relieve the pain that my dentist had been trying to relieve for years.

I also know I needed a lifestyle change and soon realized I was at the right place to accomplish that. I went through the 8WW program and that was the best thinkg that I could have done for myself. I lost weight, gained confidence in myself, learned a new way to eat through good nutrition, am stronger than I have ever been due to the exercise program and most importantly-relaxation techniques.

You are greeted with kindness, enthusiasm, and encouragement in every visit. There is a continuing option available after the 8WW program.

Dr. Wes does an aswesome job keeping my body in alignment. Stacey is a great motivator and knowledgeable with exercise and nutrition. Emily and Katie keep the office running smoothly and the office running smoothly and the massages are essential to feeling the best that you can.

Waukee Wellness made a high difference in the quality of my life.

–Jana, Fall 2011

“I have been coming to Dr. Wes since February of 2010. I have received excellent care at Waukee Wellness, getting chiropractic adjustments and stim treatments. I am very active in football and track and coming to Dr. Wes has kept me feeling better on top of helping my performance in both sports. Dr. Wes and his staff are the best!”

–Jordan, Fall 2011

I came to Dr. Wes in a great deal of physical pain. Back and neck pain had me feeling pretty hopeless and overwhelmed. I’ve been treated by several other chiropractic doctors in the past, so I knew what I should expect from this one. A snap, a few cracks and, ” See me next week”. I was so mistaken! He isn’t just another chiropractic practitioner. After my initial consultation with him I had a sense I was going to be,”cared about.” In addition to being cared for with his treatment plan for me he did not promise me miracles or amazing instantaneous results. He did give me his word he would do his very best to help me feel better, a little bit at a time. The only thing I would have to do is do my best to follow his instructions. He kept his word. I do feel better. He has made it easy for me to follow his recommendations and to keep my appointments so I don’t lose what we’ve worked together to gain. If you have been referred to Dr. Wes someone cares about you. You will be glad you made the time to begin your healing with him.

As an added bonus you will also get impecable front office care from Chrissy. An asset so many medical offices are lacking.

  1. VG March 31st, 2008

Dr. Wes is a gentle doctor who does excellent adjustments.

I have had chiropractic care for over 50 years. I found Dr. Wes gave me an excellent examination with detailed explanations.

This past month I have had less severe headaches and a shoulder problem that is getting under control. Such a relief not to have pain in my upper arm.

Energy has been returning after each trip to Dr. Wes.

Dr. Wes is a really good listener. He listens when telling him where or what your current problem seems to be. That brought me to the office that day.

He is just one neat doctor.

M.W. 4-6-08

-For as long as I can remember I have suffered from severe shoulder tension. I would go to a massage therapist, but even after an hour long session my muscles would tighten up again.  While it was irritating, the pain was manageable until it manifested into sharp shooting pains that inevitably led to migraines and less sleep. I finally decided enough was enough and gave chiropractic a shot. Dr. Nyberg and his chiropractic techniques worked wonders! After my first adjustment the tension dissolved and eventually disappeared. The combination of correct spinal alignment, stretches & exercises, and nutrition has kept the tension out of my shoulder muscles, even after the most stressful days at work. Chiropractic care worked for me and Dr. Nyberg was extremely kind, informative and above all honest, especially about insurance and cost information. This clinic is wonderful and I am so appreciative to them for helping me impove my over-all health!!

L.O. 6-15-08

Thanks to everyone who shares their chiropractic story with others. It really helps show the importance and benefits of natural Chiropractic Health Care.  –Dr. Wes